Whether or not to keep blogging: taking a sabbatical after one million pageviews

A confession: I haven’t published any articles on Tolstoy Therapy for two months. If you have in fact noticed this, firstly: I’m grateful that you have. Secondly, I apologise. Here’s an outline of what’s been going on and the decisions I’m making.

How things have changed since June 2012

I started blogging in 2012, shortly after I turned nineteen and started my second year of university. It started off slowly, but I wrote about topics I really cared about and added a good dose of personal stories, anxieties, dreams, and successes. As a result, I’ve had over a million page views with little-to-no proper marketing, including social and email. I’ve just shared articles that resonate with what people want answers to.

Can you tell when I stopped blogging?

On “not really feeling it” right now

To succeed as a blogger you need to have real inspiration to write. I know that if I force myself to write, you guys would be able to tell. That bothers me. I’d prefer holding off writing until I really feel like putting pen to paper.

Another thing is that I’ve changed a lot since 2012 (it would be concerning if I hadn’t between nineteen and twenty-three). I’ve spoken before about how much of a difference EMDR made, and now I’m almost unrecognisably carefree. I live in a mountain town in Switzerland, I manage a team of people at work, and I’m proud to have got to a stage where nothing really scares me.

Let’s call this going on sabbatical

I’ll be back, I promise! I’d just rather it be on my terms, with no pressure to publish (and risk giving you something mediocre to read).

I’d also like some time to ponder my thoughts on being creative.

I know that I love writing, but I find it incredibly difficult to keep up with comments and emails. I think the world of everyone who values what I write, but I’d rather spend time on creating than replying to messages and marketing. Does this sound selfish? Perhaps – and I apologise if anyone is offended by this. I also apologise if I haven’t responded to your email. But it’s just how I am.

I still want to keep in touch

Even though I haven’t been publishing articles on Tolstoy Therapy, I still love to write – a lot. It’s what I spend every day doing at work, and I also make time for sharing my thoughts elsewhere.
I’m going to make the rare move of opening a door into my private life and link to my personal blog, complete with a reading list of the books that are inspiring me. You will also be able to find where to follow me on social media (say hi on Twitter!)
As always, I wish you all heaps of happiness, knowledge, and life-changing books for the near future.
– Lucy
It's good to meet you! I started Tolstoy Therapy back in 2012 to share my healing journey through anxiety and PTSD with books. I also climb mountains, go on solo adventures, and write over at livewildly.co.

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