On this page I’ll link the translations that I’ve posted on this blog, for organisational purposes. All translations are from Spanish to English.

León Felipe (I am now posting my translations here: http://leonfelipeinenglish.blogspot.co.uk/)
The Poet and the Philosopher (El poeta y el filósofo)
I am leaving because the earth is no longer mine (Me voy porque la Tierra ya no es mía)

Biography, Poetry and Destiny (Biografía, Poesía y Destino)

Christ (Cristo)
Game (Juego)
What if my name were Prometheus? (¿Y si me llamase Prometeo?)
The King has died. Long live the King! (El rey ha muerto ¡Viva el rey!)
Nor the Wise Man (Ni el sabio tampoco)
The Sword (La espada)
There are Two Spains (Hay does Españas)
Sail (Navega)
Let the Poet Come (Que venga el poeta)
Che Guevara’s “Cuaderno Verde”