A portrait of Leo Tolstoy. From telegraph.co.uk
I love Tolstoy’s writing, and I’d like to read -and enjoy – all of his work. He’s written an incredible amount, and so I’ll currently limit this challenge to his major works for now. I’ll record my progress below, and provide links to any relevant posts I’ve written.

Tolstoy’s Major Works to Read:

Added to the list in 2014:
Other Tolstoy texts read (e.g. philosophical works, plays, short stories):
  • The Forged Coupon (1911)
  • The Raid (1852)
  • The Wood-Felling (1855)
  • Three Deaths (1859)
  • Polikushka (1863
  • A Confession (1879)
  • After the Ball (1903)
  • Two Hussars
  • God Sees the Truth But Waits
  • The Three Hermits