A Seven-Day Reset to Gently Rebalance Your Life

Feeling a little lost right now and looking for some comfort and guidance forwards?

Shape the story of your life with gentle recalibration, soothing self-care rituals, and wisdom from the authors and characters who have been there before. Hit reset, get back on the right track, and take the time you deserve to spend on you.

Find Your Way With Comforting, Gentle Wisdom

Enjoy the course chapters as text or audio to enjoy anytime, whether you’re on a walk in the woods, catching up with errands, or just taking some time to rest.

Plus Lots of Soothing Bonuses

Digital 24-Page Workbook with Journal Prompts

Hierarchy of Self Care Checklist

The Smallest But Mightiest Ways to Help You Out of a Rut Worksheet

A Guide for the Hardest Days

30 Positive Habits to Gently Introduce & Feel Your Best

6 audio chapters from my new book, Your Life in Bloom

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Hit reset, get back on the right track, and take some time for you.

We’re more in need than ever of spaces where we can arrive as ourselves and leave a little lighter, clearer, and more sure of who we are and where we’re going.

Without ads, comparison, or pressure to be anything other than ourselves.

That’s something I’ve aspired to create with Tolstoy Therapy, and here with this online course space.

You can get instant access to enjoy the freedom of this space now, while supporting tolstoytherapy.com in remaining ad-free.


Retreat Into The Sanctuary Whenever You Need It for Just $28

Get instant access to the course space now and return whenever you want guidance, comfort, or a retreat from the world.

The course is hosted with Live Wildly, my project for helping people find their own path and live well their way.

Some kind words…

``You made and make a difference in my life, so much life-inspiration has come from you! I think I've followed your emails for 5+ years. I can't say I read everything, but most of the time it's enough to pick just one idea or title, and then hold on it. There are many titles that I found myself and was glad to later see confirmed them on your lists. Actually, right now I am not sure anymore which titles I got from you, and which from my searches in other sources, but when I lack ideas for more reading I get to your site. Thank you!``

``Thank you Lucy for sharing your story. You have made me think and smile and be grateful.``

``I just wanted to reach out and say how much I enjoy your work, and blog posts. The simplicity and elegance in the way you write is so refreshing. I’m always looking for inspiration, and your writing certainly provides that. Thank you.``

``I've been dipping in and out of your blog for a while and really appreciate your thoughts and reflections on reading and books (and your candour and honesty about GAD/ PTSD). I used to read a lot actually when young but work and life has left me with little time so your blog in a way is a bit of a godsend :)``

``I lost my dad to terminal cancer 2 years ago and since gone through a few traumas so I’ve not been feeling human for a long time. What your words have given me though is a new spring in my step, a motivation to find my own mountain song. I can find my self here. I can create more art and not be ashamed to be me. So I truly and whole heartedly thank you for your talent and words because it’s helped me so much. I’m looking forward to seeing anything else you may write in the future.``

And Always Remember…

“When things are falling apart, bigger things are falling together. This is your phoenix moment. Set sail through the storm that will quiet with time, even if you reach the shore shattered and scarred. It’s not for nothing. The deepest pain opens up the most sacred parts of yourself that let you find the richest gifts: courage, beauty, grace and resilience. You will find these not in spite of it all, but because of it all. This is all part of your life well-lived. You are right in the heart of your story. And you haven’t even reached the best chapters yet. Keep going.”


– Lucy Fuggle