19 quotes for people who love books from Books for Living: A Reader’s Guide to Life by Will Schwalbe

Will Schwalbe’s Books for Living: a Reader’s Guide to Life was published earlier this year, five years

after The End of Your Life Book ClubBack in January, I wrote about how Books for Living had
helped me to slow down, make time for the important stuff, and ask others more often, “What are you reading?”

Since writing my review, I’ve been pondering the book and asking some questions about my own reading habits. First and foremost, why am I not reading as much fiction these days?

To start addressing this, I recently read – and absolutely loved – Elephant Moon by John Sweeney and The North Water by Ian McGuire. Both books reminded me of how much I enjoy (and need) regular doses of fiction.

Reading fiction is how I wind down, escape from work and worries, and become a better me. The business and self-improvement books I can sometimes gravitate towards don’t cut it.

To help keep this in mind, I’ve compiled some of the many quotes I highlighted, underlined, and applauded in Will Schwalbe’s Books for Living. I hope that other keen readers will enjoy these too.


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1. On looking to books for answers
2. On being a librarian, bookseller and reader
3. Reading makes us feel less alone
4. Talking about books is the greatest gift
5. Searching for books to help us make sense of the world
6. On accidentally discovering books that change your life
7. One question we should ask more often
8. Don’t ignore book recommendations from the universe
9. The best part of interrupting a book with a nap
10. Let others nap
11. Books improve us without us trying
12. Books and people are bound together
13. Every book changes your life
14. The love of reading is greatest when we don’t know we’re reading
15. Reading is an art
16. Books don’t need to be thick enough to stop bullets
17. Reading brings with it responsibility
18. On beautiful endings
19. Reading widely is a way to become more fully human – and more humane

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