Philosophy Snippet: Pythagoras

“Learn to be silent, let your quiet mind listen and absorb.” Pythagoras

Peace and quiet are right up there with my basic human needs. When I become too stressed, I can’t settle down completely until I have a dark, silent toom to rest in. However, I do find it hard to focus entirely on silence at other times. For me, meditation does the opposite of its intended purpose: focusing on my body and a relaxed state makes me tense and edgy. Therefore, I prefer to “let my quiet mind listen” whilst I read in complete silence, or perhaps whist writing or stretching. That’s a quiet enough mind for me.

Perhaps I’ll learn to relax more completely with time and practice, but for now I’m happy with my way of resting. It achieves the goal of clearing my mind of negativity and irrelevant thoughts. Whatever works to quiet your mind, be sure to schedule it!

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