One Year of Therapy Through Tolstoy

Sequestered nooks and bibliotherapy
“The love of learning, the sequestered
nooks…” One of my favourite book quotes!
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I wrote my first blog post a year ago today. I had finished my first year of university, and I was left with four months of planned reading and very little else. Blogging made my summer so much more interesting, and allowed my extensive reading to have more of a purpose.

Since then, keeping my blog has allowed me to share my thoughts on books, develop my ideas on literature, and get in touch with some lovely people. I’m certainly glad that I started this website, even though it seemed like a crazy idea to start with.

I may have a celebratory glass of wine today, alongside the mandatory read of a good book. I’m currently reading Regeneration by Pat Barker, and would so far recommend it, particularly to those that are interested war poetry.

I’ll be sure to post about it when I’m finished, but for now I’d like to share a few lists.

Firstly, over the last year I’ve enjoyed reading so many book blogs. I doubt I could mention them all here, but here are a select few bloggers and their homes in the blogosphere (if I’ve left you out it doesn’t mean I’ll skip reading your next post!):

Thank you all for consistently writing such interesting and readable reviews!
Next, here are the posts that I enjoyed writing most over the last year:
To all my lovely readers – thank you!
Upcoming posts:
  • Edward Thomas on England, Depression and Not Belonging
  • A Review of Pat Barker’s Regeneration
  • The Poets That Influenced Che Guevara
It's good to meet you! I started Tolstoy Therapy back in 2012 to share my healing journey through anxiety and PTSD with books. I also climb mountains, go on solo adventures, and write over at

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