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Tolstoy Therapy: A Fiction Prescription –
my ebook on bibliotherapy and the joy of

The project that I’ve been working on since the start of summer has finally come to a close: I’ve published my ebook! I could have spent another ten years editing it, I’m sure, but I decided to silence my perfectionism and simply get on with it.

I finally decided on the title “Tolstoy Therapy: A Fiction Prescription”, although my boyfriend was certain that his suggestion of a subtitle (“Beautiful Books for Beating Beastly Bad Thoughts”) would guarantee a bestseller. I’ve also decided to publish under my Mum’s surname, as I’m still a little uncomfortable with employers, friends and family knowing about such personal issues. Some of you may not agree with this, but perhaps my decision will change with time. What do you think about having a pen name?

What’s in my bibliotherapy book

There are ten chapters on specific issues, feelings and situations – for instance anxiety, making choices, and spending time alone – followed by a guide to how rereading, memorising poetry, and forming a reading habit can help you. There are also some lists in the appendix to help readers get closer to finding the perfect book for them.

My experience of using bibliotherapy for my PTSD and anxiety does provide a backbone to the book, but I wanted to largely focus on the reader and show how it is possible for anyone to find their perfect fiction prescription.

The book couldn’t have been completed without the stories that so many of you have contributed, and for this I am so grateful. Thank you!

It would be great if you could give the book a read and let me know what you think. I’m planning to offer it as a free Kindle ebook this Friday, so remember to log in to Amazon then if you’d like a free copy! I’ll also keep it at the lowest price I can for the first week or so.

I’d like to make sure that everyone who contributed gets a free copy – alongside all of you kind enough to comment on the blog regularly – so if you are one of these people and you won’t be able to download it on Friday (or if you want it sooner!) get in touch.

It’s been such a great experience writing this ebook, and it’s really inspired me to think more about how I can spend my time writing in the future. November is coming up, but I’m not sure if starting NaNoWriMo will be a little too soon for me!

Here’s the link to the book on Amazon UK
Here’s the link to the book on Amazon US

It's good to meet you! I started Tolstoy Therapy back in 2012 to share my healing journey through anxiety and PTSD with books. I also climb mountains, go on solo adventures, and write over at

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