A Quick Note on Changing Domains

Man reading in book circle
Lots of lovely books! Image source.

Dear lovely blog readers,

I’ve decided to change my primary domain name to www.tolstoytherapy.com (much easier to type!), although I’ll be keeping therapythroughtolstoy.com as a redirect. This means you’ll be able to find the blog on this same address, although I’ll need to do some switching around in the next few hours.

Don’t panic if you can’t see the blog tonight – it should all be back and working soon!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Posts are coming up on…

  • The magic of fiction and non-fiction on Iceland
  • The effect of reading on the brain, or the science behind bibliotherapy.

It's good to meet you! I started Tolstoy Therapy back in 2012 to share my healing journey through anxiety and PTSD with books. I also climb mountains, go on solo adventures, and write over at livewildly.co.

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