Friday, 27 December 2013

Social Media Marketing for Bloggers: What Do You Do?

Social media marketing for bloggers
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As some of you may know, I'm currently undergoing a twelve-week Google mentoring programme. Alongside being incredibly exciting (it's Google!), I'm also learning so much, particularly about marketing.

I'm currently managing online marketing for a travel startup in Barcelona, so I've learnt a fair bit about social media from this already, but now I'm starting to think more about how I market my blog.

Should book bloggers be using social media to promote their content and engage with other bloggers and readers? If so, what do you do already?

Social media for book bloggers: a routine and some tips I'm following


I love Twitter, and I've just decided to split my tweets between a personal profile and a Tolstoy Therapy one. It's a great way to share your articles, chat about books and find some new literary friends and recommendations. I try to post on Twitter several times a day, when possible.

As one of the easiest social media sites to waste time on, Pinterest is also a great way to share and find exciting photos and images. I've found a lot of my favourite literary quotes and photos on this site, and I try to 'repin' the ones I'd like to return to in future. I need to spend some time working on my Pinterest boards, and in future spend an hour or so a week procrastinating (I mean social media marketing) on the site.


I only got my Instagram account last week (after getting a wonderful Nexus 5 phone), but I'm really excited about looking into how other bibliophiles use it. It seems like a great way to find exciting photos and share your own, so I'll probably post whenever I have lovely new books to share!
This is probably my weakest area of social media, and I've only just started working properly on my Facebook page. This must change! The aim is to post every 1-3 days, sharing something like an article from my blog or another site, a literary image, quote, or list.


Most people seem to dislike Google+, but it's probably the social network with the most potential. Google are doing so much to integrate their search engine we know and love with Google+, and you may have noticed nifty red '+1' buttons hanging around the net.

The more G+ that your articles gain, the more reputation your site seems to get, and it's a great way of gaining more backlinks. If you're interested in the connection between Google+ and SEO, take a look at this great article. I'd like to post on my G+ page every 1-3 days, and also keep my bibliotherapy community updated.

Do you use social media to promote your blog, or do you prefer to keep things simple and just enjoy the process of blogging? It would be great to hear from you all!


Dev Digital said...

Excellent work Lucy..!! You selected the right social media sites to promote your work and you blog is worth reading..Keep posting..!!

Brian Joseph said...

Great and interesting post.

I too am weak on Facebook. I find that my best friends are not that into the medium. A small minority of my relatives use it to engage in some nasty arguments and actually like to post some borderline inappropriate things on other people's walls. Such unpleasantness tends to keep me away.

Oddly enough I tend to like twitter.

bellezza said...

I remember when I began blogging in 2006 and it was so simple. Just like teaching, when I used chalk. Now we have added options, but complicated life so much! I think at this point I'm happy just to get my posts written and a few comments made. I don't want to be married to my wouldn't leave enough time for reading!

tolstoytherapy said...

Thank you very much - that means a lot! Although, having so many great resources to simplify social media makes the process a lot easier! Best wishes for 2014, Lucy.

tolstoytherapy said...

Thanks Brian! Facebook does make me feel the same way at times... in the past I deleted my personal account several times, although for university I had to restore it for study groups etc. unfortunately! I'm trying to keep the content more upbeat and literary for my blog account! Wishing you a great 2014, Lucy.

tolstoytherapy said...

Definitely! Creating a social media strategy for my blog is giving me stuff to talk about for internship applications, but I'm not suited to spending lots of time in front of a computer, so my efforts are limited in that respect. It's important to remember what I love most about blogging: reading and writing! Lately I'm working too hard - my Achilles' heel - so I need to slow down a bit and do something relaxing and undemanding (like reading!)

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