Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Shaun Ferguson Artwork

I love the painting below - it seems to encapsulate all that I'm feeling currently. The woman painted could just be sorting her hair, but I also see overwhelm and instability. This week has been very busy for me at uni, and I've also started a new course of therapy. I'm sure I'll be fine though; I always manage.

I've found out that the artist is represented in a gallery in my nearest town, which is quite coincidental! 

Here's his website:

I'm not associated with him at all, I just love how he paints. 


Stephanie said...

That is a lovely painting! I see both anxiety and strength in the girl in the picture.

Violet said...

I do like this picture. There's something about the set of her mouth and the way her head juts forward that suggests she's had enough of whatever it is, and she's thinking deep thoughts. Mmm. The "hands on the head" moment. :)

Lucy said...

Yes, there's so much to interpret and relate to :)