Monday, 3 September 2012

Currently Reading and Recently Read: 1Q84 Book II, The Elegance of the Hedgehog

I apologise about my lack of book blogging recently; I've had what must be classed as reading block.  I've also been quite busy, spending this weekend in Manchester for an athletics competition my brother competed in. This brief trip north was enjoyable: we all travelled in two coaches, and stayed in a decent hotel overnight. The breakfast call at 7am was challenging for some, but I appreciate an early start.

My brother got two personal bests in 200m and 80m hurdles, despite missing out on medals. I'm sure that the guys he competes against are lying about their age; there's no way that boys under fifteen can be so broad and tall. His team won overall, which meant that there were plenty of smiling faces on the coach home.

I brought with me to Manchester The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery. I did only read the first fifty pages or so, but it was a suitable choice. I'll cover it in a full blog post when I've finished it and gathered my thoughts. One of the parents on the trip was reading The Man Who Lost His Wife by Julian Symons. She also had the mandatory reading material for mothers, Fifty Shades (the third one, if for some reason you're curious). She was enjoying Symons's novel, and had good things to say about his other work. She did add that she was rather bored of reading "filth".

I was quite slow reading the second 1Q84 book, and I've found that it's not very easy to blog about. I'm sure that I will write about it after finishing the third book. I am enjoying the series, despite finding it so different to Murakami's other work. In some ways I find that it has more of a plot, but in other ways it seems extra obscure.

I'm working in the bookshop tomorrow, then I'm travelling to Liverpool to stay with my boyfriend before our holiday. Before we leave, I need to do some urgent holiday shopping. I'd also like to see the Tate Turner Monet Twombly exhibition. We're away from September 7, which is coincidentally the day that Anna Karenina is first shown in cinemas. The boyfriend has promised that he'll take me when we're back. I was planning to re-read the novel before seeing the film, but I'm not sure that I'll have time. Also, I'm not sure that Anna Karenina fits the holiday-reading category. The Elizabeth von Arnim that I've packed seems much more appropriate.


Mollie @ EatRunRead said...

I like your blog too! And I LOVED The Elegance of the Hedgehog(my post: -- I hope you finished it and liked it!

tolstoytherapy said...

I did - thank you :) And I love your blog!