Thursday, 5 July 2012

Wimbledon Excitement

I love Wimbledon. This year I have even printed off the draw so that I can fill in the progress. Needless to say, everyone has bullied me for it. I used to be good at tennis when I was little, but gave up when I won my first big tournament. I hated attention then, and still do now! I still love watching tennis though.

I wanted Sharapova and Nadal to win, so it's clear that I should never start gambling. I'm not sure who I'll support now that they're out. In the women's, probably Radwanskwa (I always worry about saying her name wrong). Murray is playing in the men's semi-finals tomorrow, but I find him so deathly boring both on and off the court. He's playing Tsonga, who is a lot more lovely and charismatic. Therefore it's likely that I'll support the Frenchman, probably like most of my family!

It's good to have something to spend far too long watching for two weeks. I'm sure it will be a similar situation when the Olympics starts. As you can probably tell, my family is rather obsessed by sport. 

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