Tuesday, 24 July 2012

3 Days Until The Olympics!

As I am writing this, there are three days, six hours, and forty-three minutes until the opening ceremony of  the London 2012 Olympics - I cannot wait. My family loves all things athletics, and are completely obsessed by the Games, although, quite typically, we didn't get any tickets. Even more typical is that a lot of people we know who don't like sport did get tickets. I guess we'll get the better view on television though! I'm most excited about watching Adam Gemili, a recent addition to athletics after being stolen from football, Bolt versus Blake (and his other main contenders), and the lovely Jess Ennis. I also hope that I get into the other sports too - hello, beach volleyball!

The weather is sweltering here (by my English standards), just an hour from London. I decided this morning that it would be a lazy day of lounging around reading in a maxi-dress, and that has been a very accurate foreshadowing. I did read a bit of War and Peace outside - armed with spf 50 - but then decided to retreat inside. My hair colour and skin tone don't think too highly of the sun's rays, so that was probably safest. Apparently English trains don't either: I read an article just now by The Guardian about how trains to Stratford (home of the Olympic stadium) aren't running or are affected by delays and speed restrictions. How typically British!

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